Dental Hygiene

Good dental hygiene means you brush your teeth at least twice a day, and you clean in-between the teeth with dental floss or interdental brushes at least once per day.

An essential component of dental hygiene is ensuring you see your dentist at your recommended recall frequency for a dental check-up, and you have regular professional cleanings. As we treat every patient as an individual, we tailor your dental and hygiene recalls to reflect your individual oral health needs.

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Dental Hygiene 


Direct Access Hygiene Appointments are available at our practice. Contact us for more information.

Dental hygiene treatment is delivered by a specially trained dental hygienist who will help to remove any hard-to-reach plaque from your teeth that may have built up over time.


Here is what you can expect from a hygiene appointment: 

  1. Your teeth and gums will be assessed to determine the amount of plaque removal you will need and risk factors will be highlighted.

  2. Your teeth will be professionally cleaned with special equipment and pastes. This process is also known as scaling and polishing. 

  3. The hygienist’s role is to show you how to look after your teeth so that they remain free from plaque in the future. You will be advised on the best tooth brushing technique and given tips on flossing and using interdental brushes. 

Dental hygiene at our practice also functions preventatively to treat gum disease and bad breath. If you have a bridge, denture, orthodontic treatment or a dental implant you will have specific hygiene needs that the hygienist will be able to assist you with. 

It is recommended that you come in for regular hygiene appointments to ensure your mouth stays clean and healthy. 

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Life Benefits

  • Minimised risk of tooth loss.

  • Reduced risk of developing tooth decay and need for fillings.

  • Fresh minty breath.


EMS Airflow

At Oakmount Dental Care, we offer a game-changing new cleaning treatment called EMS Airflow.

This new Airflow teeth cleaning treatment will remove stains on your teeth, giving you a brighter and healthier smile that feels cleaner than ever before.

The innovative spray technology can access all those hard-to-reach areas. It effectively removes the damaging biofilm that develops above and below the gum to improve your oral health and help you achieve a brighter smile. Airflow therapy can remove this painlessly and prevent it from becoming harmful for up to 90 days.

Airflow therapy is a hygiene treatment that removes persistent stains on your teeth, plaque, and discolouration using a combination of water, compressed air, and fine powder particles. These three components are combined in a high-powered jet which gently removes stains from your teeth including hard to reach areas as well as biofilm from above and below the gum line. Dental plaque is a biofilm of harmful bacteria that grows on surfaces within the mouth.


Benefits of EMS Airflow

  • It can remove a heavy build-up of plaque faster and more easily than a scale and polish

  • Pain- free treatment

  • It can remove stains on your teeth

  • It also reaches into periodontal pockets to eliminate bacteria that can cause significant dental problems

  • Prevents tooth decay, gingivitis, and periodontitis (gum disease)

  • Makes tooth brightening procedures more effective by removing build-up that could hinder the process

  • It is a minimally invasive and comfortable procedure

  • The unique temperature control allows the use of warm, eliminating sensitivity and discomfort

  • It’s an ideal option for children, especially those with fixed orthodontic appliances

  • Your smile will be brighter and healthier after a single visit

  • It can be used on veneers, crowns, bridges, and implants.

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